What we do


Aside from the outsourced services of bookkeeping, payroll, local tax filing and financial reporting, IARUDI Consulting often provides practical advice and support across wider areas. The combination of a track record of not letting people down, our range of services and the ultimate cost effectiveness these bring, differentiates us from other providers in Ulaanbaatar.

We have operated in Mongolia since 2011 and have come across a large number of companies, each with differing challenges. We are often able to help local management avoid pitfalls and skip the learning curve in key areas of local risk management such as market entry planning, local compliance, shareholding issues as well as treasury management and other areas of finance.

Our philosophy is that if we help our clients to be compliant and successful, we will do well ourselves. More broadly, we feel that by contributing positively to the economic and social fabric of Mongolia, especially at this fascinating time in its development, this formula brings fulfilling business relationships and personal satisfaction.

Why work with us


The IARUDI Consulting team consists of professional tax accountants, junior accountants and administrators. We are TMZ accredited and are therefore legally able to provide tax and accounting related services.

We specialise in working with foreign invested companies with English speaking parent company management because we understand international best practices and can therefore bring transparency to local operations for overseas management. We understand that financial reporting best practice is not just accuracy and timeliness, but also communication and trustworthiness.

Our clients often find the wider insights we provide as valuable as the core outsourcing services. We believe that high quality and efficient execution of core services should be a given as it allows the opportunity to look forward and prepare for the next challenge. Any emerging market is rife with risks relating to compliance that can threaten a company’s investment. Mongolia is no exception, but entrusting some responsibility to us upon market entry or on an ongoing basis, can tangibly reduce these risks.

Our services are especially worth considering for companies for whom hiring an experienced finance manager, company secretary, bookkeeper, immigration expert, etc. is neither cost effective nor prudent.

We believe that with a solid base, clear of issues and equipped with good information, you’ll be able to take a more proactive and prospective approach to the market’s opportunities, and we are happy to put you in touch with our clients to see if they agree…